Pervomaisk Strategic Missile Forces Museum

A private tour to the Pervomaisk Strategic Missile Forces Museum, where you will see the actual missile base, the R-36 missile (SS-18 Satan), will be able to ride a tank and much more.

This is a unique military museum located on the territory of a former highly secretive missile base some 300 km south of Kyiv. It was built around the remains of a former underground Unified Command Post for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

Nowadays the museum is: a surface area with rockets exposition, a building of an actual museum (former administrative building), unified underground command post, ground-based facilities for alerting. Besides, all technical systems are good working, except for the one that were designed to perform essential tasks – the launch of missiles and secret equipment – were dismantled.

The former administrative building of the base is turned into a museum that tells the story of the base and the Strategic Missile Forces, where you can see maps of the base, models of the silo and the command post. In some other rooms you can see information boards and photos that describe Hiroshima bombing and consequences of that, plus the Ukrainian army today and the process of removing nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Samples of missile’s engines of different periods are shown at the territory of the museum. Underground passages are stretching for more than 150 meters long and are 3 meters below the earth surface leading to the unified command post.


The highlight of this museum is a possibility of going down to underground launch facility and “press the button” that simulates a missile launch!

Tour to the Pervomaisk Strategic Missile Forces Museum cost:

  1. Private tour for 1 person – $240
  2. Private tour for 2 people – $290 ($145 per person)
  3. Private tour for 3 people – $310
  4. Private tour for 4 people – $335
  5. Private tour for 5 people – $360
  6. Private tour for 6 people – $400


Extra service is tank riding! Fantastic experience to take a ride on a soviet tank around the territory of the museum and feel the super power of old heavy metal machine.

There are 2 options for a ride:

1. Tank “IS-3”
(30 minutes ride)
2. Multi-purpose light-armored towing vehicle with installed guided missile system “Strela M”
(30 minutes ride)

Tour includes:

  • Private air conditioned transportation
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Admission cost and fee to take photographs and look into the Underground Launch Facility and the Launch Control Room
  • English speaking guide service on the territory of the museum

Tour does not include:

  • Lunch
    It’s highly recommended to take some snacks and water for the road. We will stop on the way back in a café or a gas station (depending on your desire) to buy some meals and drinks.

Start time of the tour is 7.30 a.m. The road to the missile base by car takes approximately 3–3.5 hours. For 1 – 5 visitors the tour around missile base will take around 2 hours, for more than 5 visitors around 3 hours (it is related to the limited capacity of the lift that takes visitors down to the Underground Launch Facility) and you will find a simulated launch of an ICBM in the real hot-seat as unforgettable highlight.

After the tour we head back for Kyiv. On the way back we stop at the café or gas station (around 45 minutes) to get some meals and drinks.

Arrival time to Kyiv is around 6 p.m.

If you want to book a tour to the Pervomaisk Strategic Missile Forces Museum, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, phone or my social media pages.

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