Tour to Manors and Castles of Ukraine

A unique one-day photo tour to picturesque manors and castles of Ukraine: Hrokholskykh-Tereschenko mansion, Tereschenko-Uvarova manor, Tereschenko castle, Von Meck mansion, Fisherman house

1-day photo tour to picturesque manors and castles from Kyiv

Tour to


1. Kyiv (departure time is 7.30 a.m.)

180 km
2 h 15 minutes


2. Fisherman house in Staryi Solotvyn village

45 km
50 minutes


3. Hrokholskykh-Tereschenko mansion in Chervone village (abandoned)

30 km
40 minutes


4. Berdychiv town. We will make a break (1 hour approximately) on the way to another location to eat some food in a local restaurant.

35 km
35 minutes


5. Tereschenko-Uvarova manor in Turchynivka village (civil)

50 km
50 minutes


6. Tereschenko castle (abandoned remains) in Denyshi village

120 km
1 hour 30 minutes


7. Von Meck mansion in Kopyliv village

50 km
1 hour

8. Kyiv (arrival around 8 p.m.)

Tour includes:

  • Comfortable air conditioned transportation
  • Lunch around 1 – 2 p.m. in one of the restaurants on the way
  • Friendly atmosphere all day long and assistance if needed

Tour to Manors and Castles of Ukraine cost:

  1. Private tour for 1 person – $325
  2. Private tour for 2 people – $340 ($170 per person)
  3. Private tour for 3 people – $360 ($120 per person)
  4. Private tour for 4 people – $380 ($95 per person)
  5. Private tour for 5 people – $400 ($80 per person)
  6. Private tour for 6 people – $420 ($70 per person)
  7. Private tour for 7 people – $750 ($65 per person)

If you want to book a tour to manor and castles of Ukraine, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, phone or my social media pages.

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